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Aerial View of Marie Zimmermann's Farm in Dingmans Ferry, PA (c.1950)
This airview of the farm is from the southeast and from over the Delaware River. It reveals Marie's expansive gardens south of the house and below the German barn in the farm area. Dating the photograph is difficult because of judging the tree growth blocking the view of the river. It could have been taken in the late Forties or Fifties, likely the latter. The ivory ribbon transersing the lower part of the photograph is the north-south route of US 209 under the hill below the house.
2012 Black and White Photographs
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The six high resolution black and white photgraphs here were taken in 2012 by the photographer Ray Yaros of Lebanon, NJ, and gifted gratefully to Friends of Marie Zimmermann. They are an important record of the beauty and character of Marie Zimmermann Farm (part of the Delaware Water Gap Natonal Recreation Area near Dingmans Ferry, PA), whose history as a farm goes back to the early Dutch Settlers in the 1700's.

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The National Park Service has more information about Marie Zimmermann. Click here for a link to a list of resources about Marie Zimmermann on National Park Service Website.